What is BSE and NSE? Meaning and the Difference

BSE India Building

There are several components of the stock market such as stock exchanges, brokers, traders, depositaries, depositary participants(DP) etc. Often several terms related to these components can confuse new investors. BSE and NSE are two such terms that intrigue beginner investors of Indian stock market. Investors should be aware of these terms before investing in the stock market. What is BSE … Read more

What is SENSEX, How is it Calculated

Who Decides a Company’s Share Price

There is a very commonly asked question by beginner investors. Beginners often ask questions like, how share prices change on daily basis? Why share price change? Or, who decides the price of a share at a particular moment?

The simplest answer to all these questions is that the price of a company’s share is decided by supply and demand of that stock in the secondary market.

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